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Providing a Platform that Supports the Personal and Professional Lives of Women

The National Black Women’s Society (NBWS), a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2005, is committed to empowering emerging women of color in Greater Boston through leadership development, civic engagement, and networking. We strive to create a world where Black women are equally acknowledged and valued as leaders and have access to a network that positions them for success in the workplace and their communities.

Calling all Next Generation Leaders!

As NBWS celebrates 10 years of impacting the lives of women of color we look forward to the 4th Annual Next Generation Women of Color Summit (NGWCS)! Since its inception in 2012, this Summit has been a day created for us by us! Women and girls of color who are leaders of today and tomorrow join us each year to be inspired and impacted in their personal and professional lives! Dynamic speakers share expertise and tools that cater to the millennial generation regarding leadership, business and entrepreneurship, volunteerism, health and wellness, career advancement, and more!


What past Summit Attendees have to say

"The Summit did not only introduce me to wonderful, professional women that I am keeping in touch with but the summit also opened my eyes that my spirit needed to be empowered in conjunction with my professional side.”
“This was THEE most amazing women's empowerment event I have ever attended. I was provided with great useful information that was suitable for ME. I felt loved and appreciated by everyone in the room, and I loved and appreciated everyone just the same."
"It was truly a day of encouragement and empowerment. It is so vital and critical for us as professional women to know that we are not alone and that we all go through the same things."
NGWC Summit Attendee

Help us achieve our mission of empowering women of color.

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